We're going to leave you alone.

Why would Matthieu have a problem with Hubert helping us?

Several newspapers published the story.

Lester should've been fired months ago.

The police used coercive techniques when questioning suspects.

I am going to substantiate this theory.

Is that milk still good?

Laurianne is mean.

Give a lecture on literature.

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He speaks Portuguese.


Hal has tied Raja's limbs with tape.


My sister is younger than me.


They have developed a privacy policy that covers how they collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your information.

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We surrounded Ric.

People might say I'm old-fashioned, but I think that one shouldn't have sexual relationships before marriage.

We were there for a long time.


Can you smell it?

I don't find that helpful.

I wish I were a baby again.

I have a smelly girlfriend.

Nou began wearing glasses when he was three.


I'm just calling to say hi.

We'll find out soon enough.

You can't hold that against me.

I'm in the pool every day in the summer.

He was not at all thankful to his former teacher.

Nobody saw me do it.

Pat Schroeder said that you can't wring your hands and roll up your sleeves at the same time.

She cried out the moment she saw her mother.

That's what we do.


Robbin is at the bar nursing a drink.

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Kim bristled with rage after Price broke her vase.

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Does the error occur regularly or sporadically? Is the error reproducible?

She killed herself at the age of thirty.

An explosion tore through a block of flats burying a number of people under rubble.

He is used to the work.

You're not getting the promotion.

When did Petr get back from Boston?

I'd like to enroll you as a member of our club.

Maybe we should stop by and see Marcia.

People used to associate demonstrations with students.


I wish someone would tell me what to do.


Sonja tried to take the microphone away from Susan.

Think of all the times we've been in trouble before.

Thus, p is the case if and only if q is the case.

I know that I'll die soon.

They were really close.

There's no mistake about that.

How long have you been waiting to see me?

His salary can't keep pace with inflation.

We need to protect our children.

I like Tatoeba.

He convinced me that it was not his fault.


She asked me to take care of the boy when she's away.

You have no new messages.

When he was young, he liked to go by bike.

I don't really look at it that way.

What was the difference?

Lin still doesn't know where he's going to go next summer.

I ask myself if this sentence will survive till the end of the world.

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The Hikari runs at a speed of 200 kilometres an hour.

The antelope in an African mammal.

How cool is this?


How could this happen to me?


My father is healthy.

Their flowers smell sweet.

The world is in dire need of those who think in a more open-minded way.

You don't look like a weightlifter.

I didn't spend anything.


I kept as quiet as possible.

I need the screwdriver.

I don't care who's responsible.

He had few other friends.

Don't let him move.

Show more details.

Who's your favorite character in this movie?

Didn't I lend you some books? I'm sure I did.

Already 109 states have recognized the independence of Kosovo.

Anna's pen is black.

My younger brother is taller than I.

I forgot to buy one pillow.

I think Spyros is witty.


What a neat idea!


I admire Kathleen's dedication.

I've learned a lot with her over the years.

Do you really want to fight?

Jennie really got a bad deal.

Only your information is true.

I thought Toufic had already gone home.

Sassan punished his children.


It wasn't necessary.

Who would want to hire us?

I wrote a long letter to him.

The United States boast some of the world's cleanest food.

Not being useful to anyone is simply being worthless.


This is as far as I go.

Sedovic isn't licensed.

Dannie is a real competitor.

Hans wanted to go for a drive.

I am a damage doer.


Dori ate a double cheeseburger.


Congratulate Arthur for her graduation.


Masanao has done so much.


You need to be a team player.

Don't give it to him.

I've made some mistakes that I shouldn't have.


I know you were close to them.

You can't pretend it didn't happen.

What are you doing there?


His head was gray.

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I got a camera in a lottery.

I'd appreciate it if you'd help me convince Heather to help us.

The group was made up by Dick.

Only one thing worries me.

That dispute has been settled once and for all.

Hold it! We need to rethink our strategy here.

You need to listen to reason.

Don't bother denying it.

Can I get you anything?


We waited for a long time, but you didn't arrive.

Long live Farsi!

Mwa is in luck.


They really know how to throw a party!


He is writing to some friends of his.

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I got shot at a few times.

Geoffrey poured some boiling water into a cup.

Is this your pager?

He is not my father, he is my uncle.

We drank a lot.

I can't believe we're here.

There's something about Donald.

Sandra already knows a lot.

What were you going to do?


Why are things different now?

Are you going to go with us, too?

We should have departed earlier.


Jelske's daughter was murdered.

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I expect you to be there on time.

I start.

The fighting lasted about three months.

Kitty denied the rumor.

I hope Old will be very happy.

I'll work with him.

Randolph is quite a dancer.

This is of interest to no one.

Hans left something on your desk.

Let's talk about this tomorrow.

I won't rest until I find out the truth.


My house is in a village.


I can't make them do anything.


Alexandra switched to Russian.

I want to tell you.

This restaurant is noted for its good food.

Where's Takayama?

We contacted Novorolsky's family.


Let's play truth or dare.

That's a plan that would likely to be canceled by rain.

He is hoping to entice her into doing what he wants.

They shot me.

How can I lose weight safely?