Pace Eliminating Five Poorly Performing Services

Several services approved for elimination as part of the Pace 2019 budget will no longer operate after March 3, 2019. Pace's 2019 budget includes the elimination of 12 poorly performing services in total and the reallocation $1.2 million into a $1.7 million service enhancement effort that will reduce overcrowding, improve on-time performance and support the launch of the Pulse Milwaukee Line, which is expected this fall.

The services to be eliminated in March are:

  • *Saturday service on (519) 206-4907 (last day of service: March 2)
  • *Route 362 (last day of service: March 1)
  • *4174870120 (last day of service: March 1)
  • *Saturday service on Route 540 (last day of service: March 2)
  • *Saturday service on 845-584-9611 (last day of service: March 2)

Pace has worked to encourage ridership on these routes, but they are not performing to Pace's standards. As a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars, Pace can no longer support these routes which do not generate the necessary fare revenue. Later this year, additional routes that do not meet minimum performance standards of efficiency, productivity and ridership will be discontinued. Those services are Route 209 (Saturday service only), Route 304, Route 326, and Route 504 (Saturday service only). Pace Routes 661, 809 and 824 were eliminated effective January 21.


Greetings from Pace's New Executive Director

I'm Rocky Donahue and I was recently appointed interim Executive Director of Pace. I began my career here nearly 35 years ago and I believe now what I believed then: Pace makes people's lives better. Every day, Pace connects people to jobs and school; guaranteeing our riders have access to opportunities within and outside of their neighborhoods. Pace offers independence to people with disabilities; ensuring trips to the doctor or grocery store and visits with friends are convenient and safe. Pace connects communities; offering riders access to recreational activities from sporting activities to shopping. We are a lifeline for nearly 40 million customers each year.

While I am proud of our collective success, we face mounting challenges. Decreasing sales tax revenue and diminished state funding have hit public transit hard. Despite these barriers, Pace continues to provide efficient, reliable and innovative services to our riders. We cannot continue to operate a transit system built for yesterday and expect it to work for tomorrow. I pledge to keep Pace moving forward to meet the needs of our evolving region, including advocating for a much-needed, dedicated, and sustainable capital funding from the State of Illinois. I'm humbled and honored to have the opportunity to better Pace in yet another capacity and look forward to serving you.


Pace Call-n-Ride is now Pace On Demand

New name, same affordable ride right outside your door! In part to draw attention to the online booking feature added to most of our former Call-n-Ride routes (and coming soon to the rest), Pace has rebranded this convenient service. It will still work the same way: Anyone in one of the eleven On Demand regions can reserve a ride to anywhere else within that region. The fare is still just $2.00 with Ventra! [Read more]